Each elite travel team will train a minimum of 3 times a week. These teams intend to support the long-term development of players.

Amazing Experience

Participation in our programs provides students with a vital and sporting experience that is difficult to achieve in other areas.

Professional Staff

Our coaches know how to get results. They have worked with children of all ages, including some in a professional context.

Trained Champions

We are the official academy of the World Champions Federation. We are not only aiming at teaching our children all the fundamentals of soccer but also focus on the growth of each individual’s ability and social well-being. 

FFF Academy’s mission

FFF Academy of New Jersey’s mission is to develop our youth soccer players by putting them in a competitive environment with high quality coaching and a French curriculum that is designed to help them reach their full potential.

Each elite travel team will train a minimum of 3 times a week with a game on the weekend. These teams intend to support the long-term development of our youth soccer players.

Our Elite Travel Program is composed of teams between the ages of U7 (2014) to U15 (2005) in two different locations Brooklyn and Manhattan. Teams will be participating in any of these three competitive leagues throughout the NY/NJ area: EDP, NYCSL or CJSL

Are you an aspiring soccer player? We provide aspiring athletes with elite coaching and interactive training clinics in order to develop their fundamentals and creativity on the soccer field. Join us for a fun, competitive, and enjoyable soccer community!


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Manhattan Teams

  •         U7 2014/2013 Hernandez
  •         U8 2012 Umtiti
  •         U9 2011 Pogba
  •         U10 2010 Mbappé
  •         U10 2010 Pavard
  •         U11 2009 Griezmann
  •         U11 2009 Giroud
  •         U12 2008 Kanté
  •         U12 2008 Thauvin
  •         U13 2007 Lloris
  •         U15 2005 Varane

Brooklyn Teams

  •         U9 2011 BK Matuidi
  •         U10 2010 BK Lemar
  •         U11 2009 BK Mendy
  •         U12 2008 BK Coman
  •         U13 2007 BK Dembélé



Our Elite Travel teams training sessions will be located just minutes from the Upper East Side in Manhattan, in the 480-acre complex of Randall’s Island. Games will also be played at Randall’s Island on the weekends.


Our Elite Travel teams training sessions will be located at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 or at Socceroof Indoor Complex. Games will also be played at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 or Randall’s Island


French Football Academy provides training and game equipment packages. Player will be wearing the official jerseys of the French Football Academy

The training and game packages include:

  •         French Football Nike Tracksuit Top
  •         French Football Nike Training Top
  •         French Football Nike Home Uniform
  •         French Football Nike Away Uniform
  •         French Football Nike Rain Jacket
  •         Blue Nike Shorts
  •         White Nike Shorts
  •         Blue Nike Socks
  •         Red Nike Socks

Players are expected to bring both HOME and AWAY kit to each game in case of a color clash with the opposite team. Players will be advised on a week-to- week basis as to which jersey they should wear to arrive.


Elite Travel tuition differs regarding the age of the team and location and covers the following areas:

  •         Bus transportation for practices;
  •         League fees;
  •         Referee fees;
  •         Indoor field rentals and tournaments;
  •         Official French Football Academy home and away kits;
  •         French Football Academy track suit;
  •         French Football Academy practice kits;
  •         Coach compensation.


FFF Academy offers a range of payment and schedule options.